Happy New Year – Detox Time For Your Car

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Matt Peacock, MD of local independent Service Centres, Star Tech and Star Automotive offers advice on car health.

In January, our thoughts turn to improved healthcare for ourselves. However, don’t forget about your car health. We spend so much time behind the wheel but forget how important it is to ensure a healthy environment whilst travelling.

Dust Your Dash and Vacuum.

That film of dust that covers your dashboard, veneers and gauges is an accumulation of dirt, pollens, dead skin and hair. A regular wipe with a wet cloth helps reduce allergens and provide relief to asthma-sufferers.  It would be awful to have a sneezing fit or even an asthma attack on the motorway.

Don’t forget to vacuum the interior.  There are small vacuums made for cars but the motors vent into the car resulting in spewing smaller particles back into the vehicle air space.  I prefer an external vacuum on an extension. This allows me to keep the motor outside of the vehicle.

Moisture can lead to mould.

Cars are not airtight or watertight so leaks, rain water, damp clothes and spilled drinks can create a build-up of moisture in your car. This results in poor car health with increased allergies, respiratory problems or migraines when driving.  Clean up and dry out spills immediately. Try a hair dryer to speed up the drying process or visit us for advice and to help repair any leaks. Alternatively, find a dry, low-humidity spot to open your vehicle up and dry it out.

Declutter Your Boot

A roadside puncture in the pouring rain can be very stressful for you. A boot crammed full of gear results in problems getting to the spare wheel. Our techs are super pleased to find a neat, tidy boot as it helps them to check the spare easily. Locating the locking wheel bolts or replacing bulbs or rear light units is considerably easier too!

Pollen Filters may be due!

It’s easy to ignore that ‘Service Due’ warning on your dash. However, certain pollen filters and activated charcoal filter replacements carried out during servicing are vital in keeping your interior pollutant and irritant free. Air is recirculated around inside so let’s make sure it is clean, healthy air for good car health.

If you are due a service, feel free to call our service advisors to enquire. We always ensure full transparency on our costs and our friendly team will look after you and your car.

A chilly necessity

Finally, make sure you give your Air Con a quick blast sporadically during the winter. Leaving it dormant can lead to condensation, musty smells and even mould growing in the system.

Prepare your car health for the year ahead!

Start as you mean to go on this year and book your car in with us for that much needed service or repair. Call our service teams on 01202 694758 to book.

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