Be aware of the dangers of fake car parts

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In this article, we highlight the latest concerns around the dangers of fake car parts.

Knowing the industry

Fake car parts are a real problem. Being a member of the Independent Garage Association (IGA) means we place huge importance on keeping our finger on the pulse of the automotive industry.

Recently, the issue of consumers requesting to supply their own parts to garages is making trade headlines. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) launched an industry-backed campaign to raise awareness about the issue. There is clearly a widespread problem of counterfeit or fake car parts.

In a recent statement, the IGA said: “Consumer supplied parts may not be the correct fitment for the car, some internet sourced parts can be of low quality and there are potentially complex issues if the part fails – especially where provenance is difficult to establish.”

Don’t be tempted. Car owners like a quick search online or a trip to the local scrapyard as an attractive option. These parts come with an unknown history and specification. Many garages are quite right to refuse when asked to fit them.

Here at our service centres, Star Tech and Star Automotive, it’s simple. Customer safety and welfare are our top priority. Essentially, we go to great lengths to ensure that the parts we fit are of the highest quality. Parts are sourced directly from top manufacturers. We never fit customer supplied parts.

Common fake parts to be aware of

Fake car parts

This cheap non-genuine oil filter had been fitted elsewhere and had broken up into pieces, it could have caused a lot of damage.

Common fake car parts worldwide include; filters, brake pads, lights, wheel rims and airbags. These counterfeit vehicle parts can pose a serious risk to drivers, passengers and other road users, with potentially life-threatening results.

Furthermore, criminals who produce counterfeit vehicle parts have no concerns about public safety.  They use this as an opportunity to profit at the expense of others.

Fake car parts are produced using dangerous and substandard materials which have not been properly tested. These parts are putting motorist’s lives at risk.

Finally, the IPO’s campaign is the most extensive of its kind and looks at the effects of fake parts across the whole of the automotive industry. The guidance covers:

  • The dangers of fitting fake car parts in a vehicle
  • How to identify fake car parts
  • Top tips to avoid fake car parts
  • Where you can get further advice and report sellers of fake car parts
  • Counterfeit vehicle parts – think before you buy

They certainly have our support!

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