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The Great British weather has kicked in, and although it may not stay for long, you are probably daydreaming about your upcoming holiday. Whether you’re opting for a ‘staycation’ or popping overseas, our top tips for holiday motoring and driving abroad will soon come in handy!

First things first…

Before you even set off on your trip you will want to ensure you have made your car as ‘road trip ready’ as possible. Make sure you’ve topped up the necessary levels, checked your tyres, and made sure the all-important air con is working efficiently. You can read more about getting prepared for your trip in a recent article we wrote here.

Avoid a driving disaster

Whether it’s a trip to Devon for a long weekend, or you’re travelling to the Lake District for some fresh air, driving long distances can be tiring, and often monotonous. Therefore to reduce the risk of the loss of concentration, which could result in an accident, please remember to:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Take regular stops
  • Keep refreshed by allowing fresh air into the car

Did you know? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths in 2013!

Hiring a car abroad? Don’t get caught out…

You’ve probably heard the horror stories about car hire, but they can be avoided by being extra vigilant when picking up and driving your hire car.

  • Choose a reliable company that has a good number of positive reviews online – take a look at their social media channels and Google.
  • Book and pay in advance to avoid those extra costs when you get there! Some companies will try to catch you out by selling you services you don’t actually need (or want to pay for), this may include things like the extra insurance they require you to have before you can take the car or expensive add-ons such as Sat Navs.
  • Know the laws! Are there any additional laws or different driving restrictions in the country you’re travelling to? For example, if you are travelling to France, there are rules around what you MUST carry in your car – and French police regularly stop English drivers to ensure they are complying… Stock up on your high vis vests, spare car bulbs and a warning triangle!
  • Do you need to bring the car back fully fueled? This is another way you can end up out of pocket if you don’t adhere to their policy. Speak to the company before leaving with your hire car so you can avoid their pesky extra charges.

We would also recommend you hire a car that suits your trip, the last thing you want is a family argument over lack of space or comfort, consider what car you have at home, if you can get the same or similar, you may feel more comfortable getting behind the wheel straight away. The cheapest option is not always the best.

Book your car in for a pre-holiday check!

If you are not hiring a car for your break and are still concerned about the health of your own, we would advise seeking professional advice. Visit Star Automotive to receive a quick check of your car to reduce your chance of running into any issues on your road trip. Then all you’ve got to deal with is the ‘Are we nearly there?’ discussions.

“I have discovered a jewel of a garage in the Poole area, I was blown away with the professionalism I experienced, not only with the people but the first class facilities too.” – David, Customer of Star Automotive

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