What you should be looking out for when booking car servicing in Poole…

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When looking for a reliable car servicing in Poole, you want to ensure your chosen garage is professional and experienced in servicing your car type. With this in mind, our MD and motoring industry expert Matt Peacock, suggests some questions you should always ask the service centre you are considering using.

Do they use top quality parts and oils?

It should be a big warning sign to you if you are being offered a service or repair at a very cheap price. Garages who prefer to repair or service cars using non-genuine parts are likely to be trying to do a cheap job to save themselves some money. It’s also fairly likely they won’t say anything, in the hope you would assume you’ve got the best when actually, you haven’t!

At Star Automotive we always use genuine or the highest quality aftermarket parts. Yes, non-genuine parts are usually cheaper, but using them could affect your warranty and may end up costing you more money further down the line when the substandard part fails.

Do they have the suitable expertise?

Choosing a garage for their price over expertise is not always the way to go, and could cost you more over time. For example, if the service is not under the manufacturer’s guidance, it may result in you needing additional work sooner than expected because something hasn’t been maintained correctly. Also, if the mechanic is not experienced at working on your particular car they may not spot common issues that are known to occur in your particular car make and model from time to time.

I have been in the motor industry for 23 years now, and I recognise it’s a false economy to employ technicians who don’t have experience working at a high level within main dealerships.  

Are they rated highly for customer service?

It’s no surprise that good and bad reviews do have a massive impact on the appeal of a business, with everyone relying so highly on the internet to get the information they want, you need to be sure you are going to a garage that has great reviews. Our customers have given us 5-star reviews on both Facebook and Google… take a look for yourself.

The definition of going above and beyond!” – Annie, Customer of Star Automotive

Do they promote cheap servicing and MOTs?

We’ve all seen those ads… MOT’s from 99p, servicing just £10… but do you look at the small print? 99% of the time it is a ploy to get you in, and in reality, you will likely go away spending far more than you should have, and most definitely more than the 99p initially communicated. Don’t fall for this scam! We always tell you what your costs will be before the work is done, so you won’t have any unexpected items on your bill. For this reason, we don’t cheapen our services and you will only pay for what you want and need!

We challenge you!

So, now you know what you are looking for when it comes to car servicing in Poole, we challenge you to find another independent car servicing centre in the area that offers what we offer! Save yourself time and hassle and book your car in for a service or MOT with us. For a free quote call us today on 01202 697933 or get in contact via our form here.

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