Checking your levels ready for winter

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Checking your levels ready for winter

You should be checking your levels regularly during the whole year, however it’s even more important during autumn and winter as the colder weather can affect your car more than usual. Here are some of the frequently asked questions the team at Star Tech have answered:  

Which levels should I be regularly checking in my car?

  • Engine oil – this should be done once a week if possible, especially if you are going on longer journeys.
  • Antifreeze level – ensuring your antifreeze and cooling system is working properly is vital to your car’s health and your own safety. This ideally would be done every few weeks.
  • Brake fluid – this doesn’t tend to need changing much (every 2-3 years will do fine), however checking the levels is important! This can be found on the driver’s side of the car under the bonnet.
  • Windscreen wash fluid – from sun glare to torrential rain, the UK seasons are not exactly predictable, so make sure you can always clear your windscreen effectively.

How do I check them?

These will all be found under the bonnet and each will be marked clearly so you know which levels you are checking.

Your engine oil can be checked using a dipstick, usually marked with a yellow handle near the engine. Antifreeze levels tend to be found on the right hand side of the car, and marked with a water and thermometer icon. There should be a brake symbol on the brake fluid reservoir. Windscreen wash is indicated with a yellow cap.

What if I notice an issue?

Most of your levels are easily filled up, but keep in mind that if you regularly check them and re-fill and they seem to be emptying very quickly, this could be a sign of a leak. If you notice this or any warning lights on your dashboard, call our service centre and we can advise on the next step.

I don’t have time to do my own car maintenance, can you help?

We know that finding the time to check your car regularly can seem like an unnecessary chore, but it’s key to your safety. It will likely help you in future and cause you less problems going forward. If you know you haven’t checked your car recently and don’t have the time, call Star Automotive and one of the team can book you in.

You can contact us by calling the garage on 01202 697933 or via our contact form here.  

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