Top tips for preparing for your Hyundai MOT

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Taking your car in for its MOT is a daunting task, but we aim to make it as stress free as possible. There is only so much you can do and check whilst at home, so in the event that your car fails its MOT, we will not carry out any of the work until it has been discussed with you directly.

If your Hyundai MOT is due soon, we’d recommend taking some of these simple actions to increase the chance of it passing straight away.

  1. Check your lights – you should replace any dull or faulty bulbs and also ensure that the casing is not damaged or cracked.  
  2. Inspect your tyres – although there isn’t too much you can do if you notice your tyres are under the legal limit tread depth, it may soften the blow when you are told you need to replace them. They may look deep enough, however you should also check the back of the tyre too, as this can wear away quicker.
  3. Take a look under the bonnet – checking your oil and brake fluid levels before your MOT is a useful task to do before your car goes into the garage, you should also check you have screen wash in your car too, as your MOT tester can refuse to do the test if this isn’t filled up.
  4. Is your windscreen legal? Make sure there is no damage to your windscreen and that the wipers are working correctly.

Did you know? MOT testers can fail your car if the Sat-Nav is left on the windscreen, remove it before you take it in to be on the safe side.

Why should I come to Star Automotive for my Hyundai MOT?

Unfortunately, there are some checks to do with the mechanics of the car that you would not notice by doing your own checks before you bring your car to the garage. At Star Automotive, we will always ask you before doing any extra work on your car that incurs a further charge to your bill.

“Star Automotive offer a free pickup and drop off service to our garage for your car to save you the hassle in your busy schedule.”  

You will also receive a free retest if you car fails its Hyundai MOT, our service aims to eliminate as much unnecessary hassle as possible so that it is a stress free experience for you.

If you know your MOT is due soon, don’t leave it till the last minute, you can have your MOT done up to 1 month before its due date, this will allow time in case your car fails the test, so you can get back on the road! Book now by calling us on 01202 697933 or send us an email here.

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