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Planning a holiday road trip? Take a look at our top Summer driving tips to help get your well deserved break of to the best start.

Before you leave

There are a few things you should consider before leaving for your road trip and are important to keep in mind.

  1. Do you have enough oil? Check your oil levels and top up before you set off; it’s a very quick job to do and could save you hundreds of pounds and the hassle breaking down.
  2. Look after your tyres. Correctly maintained tyres will help your car to run more efficiently and could prevent a flat tyre or fine from the police. We recommend. you check your tread depth and tyre pressure before you set off.
  3. Has your car recently been serviced or checked by a professional? If you are going on a long haul drive it’s important to know your car has passed all the necessary checks to get you and your family to your destination safely.
  4. Do you have breakdown cover? Even if you do have cover, some insurance providers will have stipulations in place. Therefore it’s also important to check your package as you may not be covered for certain situations or events and could be forced to pay further to be recovered.

On the road

  1. Tired driving – it’s proven that 20% of accidents on the road in the UK are sleep related*. With this in mind, don’t let your excitement for arriving at your destination on time stop you from taking a break when you feel you need it.
  2. Windscreen glare – filling up your car with screen wash is vital if you are on the road. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day in the UK, the glare from the sun onto your windscreen can obscure your vision significantly, and a dirty windscreen will not help the situation.
  3. Check for alternative routes – following the motorway for 80 miles isn’t always the most enjoyable of drives to take, and on a busy day at rush hour. Take a look at the more scenic routes that will get you from A – B, although they may be slightly more mileage, you may get there a quicker and manage to explore places you wouldn’t see otherwise.
  4.  Don’t overpack your car – ensure that your luggage doesn’t make your visibility poor, especially from the rear view window!

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*20% of accidents on the road in the UK are sleep related –

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