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Star Automotive have been completing Audi servicing in Poole for over 2 years. During this time we’ve identified a number of common issues, which below we have outlined with guidance on ways to to avoid them.

Oil leaks

An oil leak at some point in your car’s life isn’t uncommon, however it’s making sure you keep a look out for the causes of an oil leak and act quickly to avoid further problems.

Most leaks are linked to a faulty gasket, which can occur in older cars. The gasket is a seal that is joined to the engine, and over time with prolonged oil build up, it can leak. Keep an eye on your oil levels if you are planning long trips out.

Air con failure

With summer in full swing, you can end up relying on your air conditioning a little too much. So, why might it let you down? Common reasons for air con failures are; moisture stopping the air reaching the vents, failed compressor vents or vacuum/seal leaks. Most cars, including Audi’s, don’t show a warning light when your air con is failing, so this can make it tricky to avoid a failure, but if you start to notice any differences in how cool the air is, or how powerful, pop us a call and we will be more than happy to advise.

Flat tyre

Delayed on the road because of a flat tyre? Most of us have been there, so here are a few items to keep an eye on. Make sure your tyres are inflated at the right pressure, check for uneven wear and check your brakes as worn or mis-adjusted brakes can create uneven wear on tyres. Also don’t neglect the spare tyre and occasionally check it to make sure it has the correct pressure. If you’d like advice on tyres, fitting of a new tyre or a check up on your brakes, get in touch.

However, when it comes to flat tyres there are some measures we can’t control, such as the quality of the road. If you have hit a pothole or kerb, check your wheels and rims for any damage. If you see any damage, get in touch as soon as possible.

Timing Belt wear

The timing belt is a common car part which indicates wear. If you hear any unusual noises, get you vehicle checked. If you continue driving on a worn belt, you could risk further, more expensive damage. Regular Audi servicing will ensure your timing belt is running smoothly and installed correctly.

Get in touch

Most Audi parts will run perfectly for years if regular maintenance is provided. Our skilled technicians have worked on a variety of Audi models, so, when it comes to Audi servicing in Poole, the Star Automotive team are well respected! And don’t forget, if you do have a problem with your Audi, we’re more than happy to help, and offer a loan car service if you need it! Call us on 01202 697933 for Audi servicing in Poole.

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